The Malbon Golf Club closed out the 2021 season with their top 30 members battling it out at Torrey Pines GC in San Diego, California. 

As expected the golf course was in top shape after being the home for the US Open back a few months ago. 

One more time the MGC members showed up in style rocking some of the staple Malbon Golf pieces and other brands, but as always making a statement. 

After the tournament we had the chance to speak with Luke Garner, Director of Malbon Golf Club, and he shared with his that he was thrilled with how the club bounced back after a tough season dealing with the pandemic. 

We are looking forward for what is to come with MGC, and it looks that the club in headed to Las Vegas early in October. 

Stay tuned for more as we bring you a closer look at this amazing club. 

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