The Native Oaks Golf Club Experience

Sometimes, it pays off to travel outside of your comfort zone. For all of us at G Social, golf is not only a professional affectation, but it’s something that we love (sometimes, a little too much, ask our wives and partners). Discovering new tracks is in our DNA; Native Oaks Golf Club is a little gem that we are proud to say is worth traveling the 60 miles or so south of Orange County.

Monarch Beach Golf Links Post Covid-19

Monarch Beach Golf Links

We live in strange times. Things are either canceled, postponed, put away, or forgotten. Amidst COVID-19 worries, the sports world took a back seat to public safety, and one by one, all major sports halted their seasons; basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, and yes, one of our favorites, golf. It was quite disheartening to see all tournaments cease, and it extended to all public and private tracks. One of our local gems, the Monarch Beach Golf Links, was not immune to the quarantine, and for two long months, in a glorious spring, the club ceased its operations. For us at GSocial, all avid golfers, it was an excruciating time, which was echoed by people all around Orange County. For those of you who have not experienced some of the best golf in this county, or any other for that matter, Monarch Beach Golf Links is a fantastic track right by the beach (hole #3 is something to behold) at times challenging and scenic, it is paradise.

One Nation Indivisible Under God?

One nation, indivisible, under God. A nifty statement, isn’t it? But, where has that gone? It has gone in the way of beatings, unwarranted arrests, profiling, harassing, and all too frequently, murder. In the wake of the events of this past week, I was going to write that: “our fair city has seen its share of…” Then again, the concept of fairness is somewhat nebulous these days.